The Last Faith: A Dark Gothic Metroidvania game.

The Story

What is the reality Beyond the Faith?
When did the world have mired in chaos and madness.. ?
Was it false prophets by the Church , dark powers in greedy hands or secrets unhuman experiments...?
Why were we so blind? They still continue their parasitic existence.. poisoning our senses and consuming our flesh..
The order brought tremendous suffering over the people through the chaos.
Do we have enough Faith to find the truth and heal ourselves from this Plague?....

Play as Eric, the unfaithful, the man sent to the Exile for death, walk along the streets of the Gothic city, discover the forsaken lands and face the ancient lords. Show no mercy to the creatures and abominations that await you in the shadow of the moon. Collect the forbidden reliques to unlock magic powers and obtain new types of weapons.

The Game

Immerse yourself into the mysterious world of The Last Faith.
Imagine, you are living an adventure at the edge of reality in a gloomy world drowned by superstition. It's another world, a remote land built upon dark and Gothic architectures, right at the centre of a supernatural vortex, an unknown place.

You will be fighting and slaying abominations and strange creatures of the night, each one bigger than others and more fearsome.
You will master the art of several different weapons, each of them with a different style of combat and move set. You will also learn tons of magical abilities, be able to cast spells and increase the power of your weapons by buffing them with ancient elemental powers.

Animation With Spear
Thunder spell animation

The Features

  • Handcrafted environments and animations, expressive and atmospheric scenarios with a narrative of the context of the adventure.

  • Use special abilities to win different situations. You will have to solve different puzzles and fight enemies to progress through the areas of the game.

  • Explore the mysteries of the gothic cathedrals, the forgotten and forbidden lands full of strange creatures and defeat them to upgrade your skills and gain new abilities.

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